A homegrown ceremony performed by the brides father and pastor, Caleb and Rachel's wedding was truly magical. This couple had known each other since they were kids, and they were finally getting married in the place they’d always dreamed of. Everything about the day just flowed, and we so loved being a part of it.




“Michael and Kevin were absolutely fantastic! They knew exactly what they were doing and moved us through our fabulous day so smoothly, keeping us both calm in the process. I honestly can’t imagine going through this experience without their guidance and expertise. Michael and Kevin were exceptionally talented, professional, creative photographers that never lost sight of what we visioned as our perfect day”


HR-Rachel and Caleb Animoto--8HR-Rachel and Caleb Animoto--8 HR-Rachel and Caleb Animoto-2714HR-Rachel and Caleb Animoto-2714

HR-Rachel and Caleb Animoto-2468HR-Rachel and Caleb Animoto-2468

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